Michael Hinkle’s 2023 SCCA Runoffs Recap

To all of the friends and family at iRacing,

The 2023 SCCA Runoffs are now history and with the support of iRacing I was able to participate at the pinnacle of amateur motorsports. Racing against the best of the best Formula Vee drivers from around the country at the very highest level you can race a Formula Vee was a humbling and gratifying experience.

We learned a lot and took some notes home with us. After a not so stellar qualifying run we had to start 22nd of the 28 registered cars. During the race we were able to get up to 9th place but ended in 14th. Vee racing is close, hard, and extremely competitive. Small mistakes can have big consequences but at the end of the day we were able to put the car on the trailer in one piece and I am very happy with the way I drove the race.

The most surprising of all was the number of race fans that stopped by to see the iRacing car and talk about their love for the sim. On Saturday, the day of the race, I only had a few things to check over before going on track and it was hard to even tighten the lug nuts because fans of iRacing would stop by, say hello, ask about the car, iRacing and talk about how much they love the Formula Vee in the sim!! They all had similar questions: “How does the real life car compare to the sim?” The answer was always the same: although the sim does not have the same tires and suspension, the feel is the same. Anyone who can race the car well in the SIM can come out and do the same in real life.

Most of the front runners in Vee use iRacing, and they are just as fast in the sim as they are in real life. It was great to meet so many users! I quickly ran out of the hats, stickers and membership cards I had. Next year I’ll need more!

This was an experience of a lifetime and I really can’t thank all of iRacing enough for making this happen for me.

VIDEO: Race Broadcast | Michael’s On-Board

2023 iRacing SCCA Runoffs

Want to follow in Michael’s footsteps on the sim? The 2023 iRacing SCCA Runoffs are next week! This year, we’ll feature the Formula Vee, Spec Miata, Spec Racer Ford, USF2000, GT4,  and Renault Clio (B-spec).

To learn more about the event, its time slots, the latest information on the cars that will be competing, and everything else you need to know, visit our Special Events page or the iRacing Forums.