iRacing SCCA Runoffs Return to Virginia International Raceway With Six Classes, Five Top Split Winners

Now in its second year, the 2023 iRacing SCCA Runoffs took six different types of vehicles around the full 3.27-mile course at Virginia International Raceway. All six of the top split races on Saturday were broadcasted live on iRacing’s social channels, with each race consisting of 35 minute sprints with field sizes up to 40 cars competing.

The races attracted attention from all around the iRacing community, from real-world racing talents such as Brodie Kostecki and Gresham Wagner to top-level esports competitors such as eNASCAR’s Garrett Manes and PESC All-Star’s Xabier Sanchez. Even some of the iRacing staff, such as Michael Hinkle and Sean Whitaker, got involved in the action throughout the day.

Race 1: Formula Vee

The first race of the day had 36 Formula Vees in attendance. Italy’s Dario Frattini scored the first pole position of the day, while the highest ranked driver in the field was current Supercars points leader Brodie Kostecki, mired back in the 24th starting position. Kostecki was the biggest mover of the race, finishing sixth.

Up front, Frattini had an off-track excursion in a battle for the lea that consisted of nearly a dozen cars. He recovered and made his way back towards the front, avoiding a massive pileup that took out most of those top drivers. Carter Lundy was the other survivor as the two fought to the end. At the line, Lundy held on for the first win of the day.

Formula Vee Top Split – Top 5 Results

Carter Lundy
Dario Frattini
Miguel Cuenca Martin
Juan Llorente Vázquez
Thor Tulloh

Race 2: Spec Racer Ford

Many of the same names were back to battle in the Spec Racer Ford, including Frattini, who was one of the few to compete in all six races on the day. Kostecki was also back, once again starting near the rear and battling his way forward. Dudu Castro took the pole position, but wasn’t able to lead a single lap.

The battle came down to four cars at the end, with Felix Simoes and the top ranked David Gaspers up front, and Robert Nash and Yuanxi Lin right behind. Lin was able to go from fourth to first and take the win on the final lap.

Spec Racer Ford Top Split – Top 5 Results

Yuanxi Lin
Robert Nash
Felix Simoes
Dario Frattini
David Gaspers

Race 3: Mazda MX-5 Spec Miata

Perhaps the most physical of the six top split races on Saturday, and the highest strength of field with over a 5000 average iRating, was the Global MX-5 event. Cam Ebben was the top ranked driver and scored the pole position for the race. For the first time, Kostecki was able to get a great starting spot in third and was a factor for the win throughout the race.

Ebben proved why he was the top ranked driver, however, defeating Kostecki and Spec Racer Ford victor Lin at the line to claim victory, scoring the most championship points in a single event of the day at 301.

Global Mazda MX-5 Top Split – Top 5 Results

Cam Ebben
Yuanxi Lin
Brodie Kostecki
Niklas Goebel
Jack Veazey

Race 4: USF 2000

Back to open wheel competition in the more powerful USF 2000, some of the familiar names from the Formula Vee race returned, including winner Lundy. On the pole position, he was looking for a second win on the day, but Frattini was looking for redemption this go around.

Once again, they were the only two left standing at the end. This time, Frattini was able to make the move at the right time and held off Lundy at the line to win.

USF 2000 Top Split – Top 5 Results

Dario Frattini
Carter Lundy
Caleb Patrie
Morgan Burkhard
Harley Keeble

Race 5: GT4

Arguably the race of the day, the GT4 class saw big sends, big blocks, and an insane finish between two of the top ranked drivers. Garrett Manes took the pole position while the top ranked Pascal Stix would qualify in eighth. Both would find trouble in the race, finishing in the 20s by the end of the round. While battling up front, the leaders were all collected in a incident that gave the lead to Patrick Hingston, but not without a little nose damage.

Still in the fight were Hingston, SRF winner Lin, DJ Alessandrini and Greg Hoobler. Alessandrini looked to have the best pace of the quartet, but in battling with Hingston for the lead, the two made contact, removing Alessandrini from the equation. Hoobler managed to fight back into the battle, but Hingston was not giving up. Lin eventually made the pass work out and went on to take a second win on the day.

GT4 Top Split – Top 5 Results

Yuanxi Lin – Porsche
Patrick Hingston – Mercedes
Greg Hoobler – Mercedes
Justin Rehm – McLaren
Nahuel Fredes – Mercedes

Race 6: Renault Clio

The final race of the day was the B-Spec class occupied by the Renault Clio. The smallest field of the day had the largest margin of victory, as the top ranked Marcus Jirak started on the pole and ran away with it, gapping runner-up Joni Niemi by nearly seven seconds.

Renault Clio Top Split – Top 5 Results

Marcus Jirak
Joni Niemi
Dario Frattini
Benjamin Forster
Harley Keeble

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